Patient’s Glowing Review!

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On a daily basis, my staff and I strive to provide excellent dentistry with a compassionate and positive attitude.  We’re humbled when our patients recognize and appreciate our effort.  Thank you!

“Eureka! Eureka!”

This was my first visit with Dr. Frank Prezioso and his staff as a new patient and let me tell you how impressed and blown away I was with the client service and genuine care that I received. Jenny, at the front desk, was so friendly and welcoming. Patty, the Orthodontic assistant who took my full-mouth X-rays, was such a delight to talk with while going through that process. Jan, my hygienist, was absolutely one of the very best you will ever find anywhere. She took her time and will give you her undivided attention to perform a magnificent cleaning. And for Dr. Prezioso, well words cannot describe what a gentleman he was upon my first meeting and I was so impressed by his vast knowledge of dentistry. You just know that you are in expert hands by the time you are finished talking with him. Just amazing beyond belief! I had tried other dentist practices in the past and I had a few excellent dentists until they either moved away or retired. Trust me when I say this….your search will be over once you visit with Dr. Prezioso and his staff. Plus you are going to feel impelled to want to tell your family and friends and co-workers and neighbors about your wonderful experience. I know I did. The minute I got home I called my next door neighbor as I knew she was in the market to find another dentist so I told her to wait until after I had my first visit with Dr. Prezioso to see how it goes. All I can say is that she will be making her appointment very soon.   – David  S.

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